Three Civil War Books by Jinx Olson:

The three Hunter Jones books are part of a Civil War trilogy aimed at exciting a whole new generation of "Keepers of the Flame".

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1.) In the (Arkansas) book, we are with Hunter at the many battles that took place in Arkansas: Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Marks Mills, Poison Springs, Jenkins' Ferry, just to name a few. We are with him when the 17 year-old, David Dodd, is executed for spying. We are with him at the capture of strategic ports like Helena, on the Mississippi, and Arkansas Post, on the Arkansas and White River. And we watch with him as the USS Mound City's boilers are blown up by the infamous Rebel cannon shot that went through an open porthole.

2.) In the (Missouri) book, we are with Hunter at the first battle of the war, west of the Mississippi. We are with him in Missouri at: The Capture of Camp Jackson, The St. Louis Massacre, The Boonville Races, the rout of the Union forces at Carthage and Wilson’s Creek, where the first General in the war dies. We are with him at other Civil War firsts: the first use of instant messaging (telegraph) in a war, the first use of metal hulled ships (ironsides), the first battle Ulysses S. Grant fought (and lost?), plus other first.

3.) In the (Indian Territory) book, we are with Hunter when he learns about how the Indians got to Indian Territory and why some fought for the North and some fought for the South. We’re with him when he learns about how Confederate soldiers from Texas plan to go up through the New Mexico Territory and capture the gold mines in Colorado to help pay for the Southern war effort. We’re with him in Arizona where the 'Westerner-most' battle between the North and the South is fought and in New Mexico when Cochise and his father-in-law Mangas Coloradas and Geronimo turned on the white soldiers and start scalping them.

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